Flow with the wave life gives you


It’s hard to describe the feeling you get surfing down the face of a wave. The following words come to mind: freedom, flowing, connecting, power, joy, timelessness. On the wave you forget about nagging cares, and for a moment, it’s just you and the wave.

One thing surfing a wave is not, a fight. You don’t fight against the wave. You are propelled power of the wave, you flow with it. If you choose to fight against it you’ll get pounded. Isn’t life like that?

Don’t fight against life, learn to flow with it.

We have many choices to make in life, yet we cannot choose everything that comes our way. It’s important to learn to flow with life, just as the surfer flows with the wave.

Don’t try to force your plan. 

Learn to see the opportunities currently before you. On the wave, a surfer can’t change the course of the wave but can use it for his pleasure. We are to be like that surfer on the face of a wave, looking ahead, planning where we need to be and using what’s currently in our hand. Each wave is different, learn to study and flow with each unique wave.

So today, don’t try to force your plan. Look at what’s currently in your hand and what’s ahead and start planning your next move.