Learning to harness the wind


Wind, an unseen force powerful enough to move ships across the sea. For those of you who windsurf, you understand the power of the wind and the thrill of hooking in and holding on.

I feel at home on a board with a sail. To me, windsurfing is like riding a bike, I get on and I go. It wasn’t always easy. I had to start from the beginning and learn the basics. I now teach windsurfing, one of the hardest parts is getting my students to understand is the wind.

Wind is a force you can only see the effects of. You can’t physically see the wind, but you can learn to read the wind by observing your surroundings. To read the wind you can look at the direction of a flag, see it’s effect on trees or even see different textures on the surface of the water. To get started, you simply need to understand some basic things about the wind, and how to harness it to your advantage.

Life is like that. You don’t see everything coming at you. Things happen internally and externally. How you respond is key to your success. You can allow the issue of life to push you around, or you can learn from them and grow.

The wind may be blowing, but it doesn’t alway have to knock you down. Hook in and hold on, let’s go sailing!