Overcoming Fear

Rugged mountain trail

You look up, the trail is rugged and climbs the steep mountainside. The country is wild; there are beasts to fight, mountains to climb, raging rivers to conquer and waves to paddle through.

You have dreams, but they live on the other side of the wild country. If you could just paddle out, or climb that mountain, or hike that rugged trail you’d make it, but how?

You want it, but it’s easier to take the broad road. The deadly whisper of fear is a dream killer, a goal breaker and is a cruel taskmaster. You desire and dream but you’re struck down when fear whispers in your ear.

Fear can keep you on the beach, at the base of a mountain and will put a lock on your heart. It will try to keep you from becoming the man or woman you were made to be.

You can do it. There is no easy way, but you were made for those trails. Be courageous!

Photo Credit: Davide Foti