Own the wave

Surfer on Pensacola BeachIf you want to catch a wave, you have to own it. You’re either all in, or you’re all out. If you go for a wave and hesitate, you’ll either miss it or wipe out. If you want to move forward you just have to go for it.

In life, opportunities come like waves. You may desire to ride that wave, but if you hesitate and doubt, chances are it will pass you by. Hesitation has kept many of us from living to our full potential.

Why do we hesitate? I think fear is a big contributor to hesitation. When it comes to hesitation, we’re afraid of getting hurt and we’re afraid of looking foolish. We often doubt our own ability. Here’s the deal, we all experience fear. What we do with fear is up to us. We can either allow fear to be the captain of our lives, or we can choose to be the captain. The feelings of fear may not go away but the key is choosing to act.

Choosing to act will either result in success or a failed attempt. But even if you do fail, you’ll soon realize that it wasn’t as bad as the fear made you believe. However, there is a better chance that you will succeed. The more you act, the more you’ll start to discover the easier it becomes.

Is there a wave you see on the horizon? Go for it. Dropping in on your wave will be a blast!