Dreams and the Lineup

The Surf Lineup

A friend once told me, “all things worth having require great sacrifice.”

To catch a wave you must first make it to the lineup. It’s that place just beyond the breaking waves.

The paddle out isn’t always easy. On big days it can be tiring and frightening. Some days it would be easy to give up, turn around, and paddle in. If you want to catch waves you’re gonna have to paddle out.

Achieving your dreams is like that. If you have a dream you have to start moving forward. If you don’t start then those dreams will only remain dreams.

Following a dream isn’t always easy. Like paddling out, pursuing your dreams can be tiring and frightening. Once you start the resistance kicks in. You’ll start questioning why you ever started. The excuses to start will begin mounting. Don’t give up and keep moving forward because those dreams won’t happen on their own. Keep moving forward.

Some of us like to wait for the perfect moment to follow our dreams. Like surfing, if you wait for the perfect conditions you may miss a lot of surf. Don’t wait until everything in your life is perfect. If you wait for the perfect moment you may never start.

Anything worth having is going to cost you time and energy. Dreams will remain dreams if you sit and wait for a better day. Dreams will remain dreams if fear and exhaustion cause you to stop.

It’s easy to get comfortable in life and just exist. We have a choice, move forward or settle in for a life of mediocrity. As we get older it’s easy to let that happen. We stop flexing our muscles and begin coasting through life.

Maybe today you’ve realized you have been thinking about your dreams for a long time but have done nothing about it. It’s time to wake up and realize the surf is firing. Grab your board and start paddling. Trust me it’s worth it!