Ride the board you own

Surfer on beach with board

One day while paddle surfing I was thinking about the board I was on. I thought about way it performs, the way it turns and it’s speed. Each board responds in it’s own unique way.

Life is like that. I’m realizing life comes to us in a natural ways. We can fight against it or we can learn to use the life we’ve been given and flow with it. You were hand-shaped by a master shaper for a unique purpose.Learning how the board you are on is key to mastering it. Learn what your board can do and flow with it.
Discover who you are. Stop trying to be the person you were told you should be. Stop trying to be something you are not. Discover who you are and become the unique person you were created to be. Are you using the life you’ve been given to the fullest? I even have a lapel pin I wear everyday to remind myself to live my life as best as I can ! What if today you stopped trying to be someone else and began living as you were created to be. You have beautiful work to create…. now it’s time to start living your life as it was made to be.

The surf is up and waiting for you. It’s time to learn to ride that board you are on. Surf on…

Photo by Martin Schmidli

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