The mind and going extreme


I was fast, until I saw that one person.

If you want to do great things, extreme things, then you’ve got to master your thinking. Watching board riders catch massive air, drop in on huge waves or snowboarding down insane drops can be impressing. They seem fearless. We look on with wonder, wishing we too could do the same. What is it that sets them apart?

The mind.

Get your thoughts under control and you’ll achieve much. Of course, practice and training is the first step. Right beside training is getting your thinking in check. Fear, doubts and unbelief can stop you in your tracks. Those mind battles will stop you in your tracks.

I first started encountering big mind battle on the race course. I became a competitive windsurfer and traveled all over the country. It was on the race course that I learned about this mind battle. I would be having a great race, until I saw that guy, and as soon as I saw him, I’d start slipping further and further behind. By my own thinking I would defeat myself.

When I was younger, like many boys, I owned a skateboard. I wanted to drop in on a ramp so bad. It’s still a dream, but I think I’ll keep it there. What was it that kept me from dropping in? Beside the need to practice, fear was the second contributor. In my mind there was a battle: you’ll fall, get hurt and bust your head open.

We aren’t all called to extreme sports, but this applies to all areas of life. Your own thinking can keep you from starting a business, making new friends, doing something new or following a dream.

Recently I was speaking in a meeting. It was going well, that is, until I started thinking about myself. I started critiquing myself big time, began getting nervous, and ended up cutting myself short.

Mastering the mind is an ongoing process, here are a few steps you can take to begin mastering it.

  1. Practice. The more you practice the more confident you will become.
  2. Take a selfie. Not a real selfie, take a mind selfie. Picture yourself doing before you set out to do it.
  3. Friends. Find friends that encourage. I’m not saying to find friends that will lie to you, but be honest and help you.
  4. Not alone. Know you aren’t alone. Even the best struggle with thoughts, they’ve just learned to bring them under control.
  5. Watch this video. Watch Shonduras do some awesome snowboarding and talk about battle behind every accomplishment.

You can do this, get that thinking under control. Now go, catch some awesome air.

Photo credit: Johannes Waibel

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