The Potential In Us Awaits

Windsurfing selfie

Windsurfing, is it easy? It depends on how you define it.

People will often say, “you make that look so easy.” Honestly, it’s like riding a bike, put your mind to it and you can make anything look easy. I’m pretty confident if you spend any quality time on a given project eventually you’ll start making it look easy, but making something look easy is not what you and I are here for, we’ve got to take it to the next level.

With windsurfing, I got good enough for the applause of man, and that’s the problem, I didn’t go deep enough. I realize I never reached deep inside the well. So much has been left on the table because I didn’t go far enough. What about you?

When it’s no longer “fun” to practice, when the arms throb and blisters cover the hands, it’s time to quit. Can you relate?

I think you might have the same thoughts regarding things you have put your hands to. Are you living your full potential? Maybe it’s time to dig a little deeper. That potential, we’ve barely scratched buycbdproducts surface. We have not taken it to the mental and physical level of being uncomfortable,we stopped showing up in the fading sun.

I’m not saying it’s time to be miserable in our pursuits. I’m here to give a little push, to inspire us to dig a little deeper. The world awaits for you to let your light shine.

I was inspired to write this after reading Stay With The Heat by Bryan Ward. I wonder what kind of greatness awaits.